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Visage Salon features a full line of Bumble and bumble hair products to meet all of your hair care needs. Our staff is fully trained in the use of these products and can answer any questions. Please visit the salon anytime at 225 Main Street, Northampton to shop for your favorite Bumble and bumble products or ask for specific recommendations when you come in for an appointment.

Bumble and bumble began as a Salon in 1977 in New York City on hairdresser's row and one year later was named one of the top ten Salons in the city. In 1988, Bumble and bumble manufactured it's first hair product to meet its own high standards. Since then numerous other quality hair products were added and made available only through its own Salons and other select Salons throughout the world. Visage is one of those Salons.

If you have any questions about our line of Bumble and bumble products or how to use them, ask one of our stylists.


B&b product line

Bumble and bumble Products

Sulfate Free/Paraben Free
Most new Bumble and bumble products are sulfate free and/or Paraben free. Please ask your stylist for more information.

Clean and healthy hair
B&b offers a wide variety of Shampoos, Conditioners and Masques for all kinds of hair types and conditions, including fine and thinning hair.

Pre-Styling, Structure, Gels, Cremes, Waxes, Silicones, Sprays and Specialty items. B&b's got 'em.

Color Minded
Got hair coloring? B&b's got you covered with several color protecting products.

Wear and care
Damaged hair? Let B&b restore your hair through its mending and quenching lines.

Let's set things straight with products designed for straight hair from B&b.

Curl Conscious
Curls can have a mind of their own. Let Bnb's curl conscious product help you keep things in order.

Visit our blog for more information about the above products and the latest product offerings from Bumble and bumble





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B&b product line
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