Visage Salon open by appointment during COVID

Dear Friends,

We missed you these past couple of months. Now that the salon has reopened by appointment we want you to be as safe as possible and we ask that you follow the recommendations below, mandated by the state for creating a safe environment for yourself and our stylists.

You must wear a mask in order to enter our salon. If your appointment is for color, please plan to bring an additional new disposable mask if you have one, and if you do not, we will make every attempt to have one available for your purchase, while supplies are available to us.

We recommend that you bring a storage bag (ziplock plastic bag) to safely place your own personal face mask inside of while at the salon if you plan to wear a disposable mask for color appointments. That way you may exit Visage with your own face covering back on once your hair is gorgeous again!

Please plan on taking a shower with a full shampoo at home prior to your arrival at Visage.

Upon your arrival at our salon we will ask you to immediately wash and sanitize your hands before your appointment begins.

We also ask that you plan on refraining from handling or using your phone during your appointment with us.

Due to COVID19, MASS policy recommends that you come alone for your appointment as at this time we cannot accept additional guests.

Please call us from your car before coming up to the salon so that we can be sure that your stylist’s chair is clean and ready for you.

Visage salon is working hard to comply with all state regulations to ensure your safety as we reopen our doors. None of this is easy for our stylists and we understand how inconvenient these policies may be for you, but at least it allows us to once again provide you with the hair care you need.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Barbara, Roxanne, Amy and Em

Call us at Visage 413 586-9393 if you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment or place an order for curbside delivery of Bumble & bumble and/or other products.